Thursday, April 21, 2016

Democratic Stockholm Syndrome

See this article on how so many registered Democrats vote against their own best interests because they have been so abused by their captors they don't know any better. Some excerpts:

"A key takeaway from the [NY] Primary is that regardless of where the movement goes from here – it must recognize the affective hold that establishment Parties and candidates still have on voters, even those committed to and desiring of real change. [...] So many see Centrist Democrats like Clinton as their advocate even when they are so willing to betray them when in power. They represent a now established fantasy of incremental rearguard progress that seeks to inspire not by its idealistic ambition but its clear eyed “realism”."

"She is heralded for her promises to continue the 'progressive' legacy set by Obama. Suddenly the President who has pushed for Drone Warsfurther Wall Street bailouts and the TPP is a paragon of modern progressivism. The New York triumph of his all but publicly endorsed predecessor Hillary Clinton is a paean of love to the very establishment that many of their voters are demanding to be changed. For progressives to achieve mass success they must do all they can to break up this abusive relationship. To not accept the myth that Clinton represents 'incremental change' or that she is committed to fighting climate change or that you can trumpet gun control at home and the international arms industry abroad."

"It demands that even in defeat we continue the struggle to deprogram the victims of the New Democrats. To point out consistently that change only happens from the bottom up. That one cannot claim to be a progressive and support anti-democratic oligarchic regimes around the world. That what Democrats and Republicans alike legitimize as national security is really just a bloated corporate security force subsidized by the American taxpayer. That you may 'be with her' but when the moment it is politically expedient she certainly will not 'be with you.'”

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