Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Arcade City alternative to Uber

See this article. Some excerpts:

"Christopher David thinks Uber and Lyft are already relics. He’s created a ride-sharing app that drivers, themselves, will one day own, and he’s gamified the app in the process. Arcade City is the name of the game, and – if David continues to coax this fledgling app out of its nest – it could pose a threat to these established industry leaders."

"To accomplish this lofty goal, it will rely on Ethereum, a new virtual technology, often used as a virtual currency, that’s looking to decentralize just about everything. A wonderful example of a centralized business is Uber: there’s a HQ and there’s a power structure. Centralization, many think, is bad, in part for two reasons: the employees are vulnerable to the higher-ups’ whims and greed; the organization writ large is vulnerable to outside attack. But a decentralized organization is run by all involved, and an organization decentralized through Ethereum is, in effect, immortal — and immune to governmental impositions."

“The more powerful model, more sustainable — and certainly more in line with where tech, and I think society in general, is moving — is more of a distributed model where power and wealth are pushed out more to the edges of the network. We can set it up such that we have, kind of a ‘rising tide that lifts all boats’ type thing, where drivers all over the place have a little bit of stake and they’re all incentivized to build the network in their area.”

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