Monday, April 18, 2016

Only Sanders can break capitalism's power

See this article by Paul Mason. Some excerpts:

"America’s progressive majority needs not just a Democratic president. It needs a presidential candidate who can deliver, either this year or by mid-term, a majority in both houses of Congress and who is determined to engineer a liberal supreme court for a generation. Whether on the issues of class or identity, that is the war that needs to be fought. And only Bernie Sanders can win it. [...] There is zero chance of Clinton achieving that. Though she has shifted her programme to the left rhetorically, her deep roots among the free-market elite and her inability to engage with Sanders’ young supporters militate against the kind of bandwagon you need to enact generational change."

"Sanders has something that progressive America needs: the ability to build and sustain a movement.[...] The progressive majority in America needs to become a counter-movement. It needs to occupy not just the occasional park, university or road junction. It needs to occupy the actual political space now squatted by the right: the town hall, the state Capitol, the courtroom, the education board, the voter registration system. That movement would have to neutralise rightwing working-class opposition by appealing – across the formal divide of politics – to the desire among many on the right for economic justice. It can only do that by fighting the power and privilege of the very people pouring money into the Clinton campaign. It’s hard to imagine Hillary Clinton doing that. A lifetime in elite politics and a bank account enlarged with speaker fees from Goldman Sachs stand in the way. With Bernie Sanders you don’t need to imagine."

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