Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nothing is Everything seminar

The Nothing is Everything Seminar is here! Now you can achieve Nothing permanently, the highest and lowest state and stage of non/existence. And all for the low low price of everything you have. You really don't need money, food, shelter or anything else once you have Nothing. And I can give you exactly Nothing in exchange for all your money and property. It's the deal of eternity, right here, right now. So come on down today and buy Nothing from me, a certifiable expert in absolutely Nothing. You won't be sorry so call today.

You've heard of double negation, now Triple Negation is here!
It's the (r)evolutionary technique created by Edwyrd Burj to facilitate the non-achievement of Nothing. You negate negation, then negate that until you're left with Nothing whatsoever. Don't be negative, or positive via double negation. Be neither/nor/both/and in this western version of the Buddhist Catuskoti specifically designed for our cultural background in the mystical tradition via the Kabbalistic Three Veils of Negative Existence. Just say it ain't so: no, no, no! To paraphrase Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz: "There's no place like no." (K)no(w) thyself.


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