Saturday, April 30, 2016

Trump for President?

I'm actually starting to warm to this idea. Not because I support him; quite the contrary. I truly think Clinton as President would be a disaster for the progressive movement Sanders highlights. There has been a big fear in the establishment GOP that Trump's nomination would devastate down-ticket races, likely re-winning a Democratic majority in the Senate and picking up several seats in the House. So with Democratic control in the Senate we could use the GOP playbook and let Trump and the GOP get absolutely nothing done for two years, including blocking any Supreme Court nominee.

This would then likely influence the mid-terms to possibly even get back Democratic control of the House, further castrating Trump for the last two years. This sets up a real progressive candidate for the next Presidential election who will drive a lot of progressives to primary the corporate Dems out of office. We could possibly pull off a real progressive revolution in the next four years.

With another Clinton Presidency though that dream pretty much remains a fantasy, since her and her ilk will likely kill off the progressive insurgency in the name of expedience by further enriching and empowering the top 1%. With Trump at the helm the corporate Dems will be forced to at least overtly temper that tendency due to the incredible outcry of the people.

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