Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bill Maher on a liberal Tea Party counterpart

I watch Real Time "religulously" every week and last Friday he did a New Rules sketch on having something akin to the Tea Party on the liberal side. It is in part where I'm getting my notion of having principled progressive representatives to counter the Tea Party. He denigrates them as crazy and humorously suggests we elect Democrates equally as crazy to combat them. He suggest they be called the Donner Party, since they'd rather eat their own than give in. As Maher is always complaining about spineless Democrats I think the hyperbole is intended to elect a strong liberal faction that sticks to their principles,* like the Tea Party which doesn't back down and compromise. He appreciates their steadfastness but detests their policy and only wishes liberals would have more of the former.

*By the way, there are a few of these, Bernie Sanders being one. Anthony Weiner was another but was forced to resign over a sexting scandal while never even having had "real" sex with anyone. Alan Grayson was another but conservatives spent an enormous amount of money to get his opponent elected. They know these guys are the ones who can defeat them and are smart enough to target them for elimination.

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