Friday, September 30, 2011

The People's Revolution

This video at Rachel Maddow’s page highlights the stark differences in how liberals and conservatives see things. As one example she plays a tape of Elizabeth Warren’s (candidate for US Senate in MA) now infamous internet rant against the spurious conservative charge of class warfare. Progressives see her comments as accurate about shared social responsibility while conservatives see it as already stated above or worse. The interesting thing is that polls of the average American Joe or Jane are overwhelmingly on her side. For example, the recent tax the rich poll noted around 70% are for it.

It is not however what the average Joe or Jane wants that matters, at least to conservatives. What matters is who is footing the bills and that is the rich people and corporations (who are people too according to their bought Supreme Court Justices). In Elizabeth Warren’s Senate bid against incumbent Scott Brown she has so far raised $915,000 in grass roots fund raising. Brown on the other hand has about $10.9 million in his war chest. And where is that money coming from? In the entire Senate he rates #1 in receiving contributions from hedge funds and venture capitalists, and #2 from private equity and securities investment firms.

Meanwhile we are reminded that the current economic difficulties were caused by exactly those who are Brown’s main contributors. And that us Joes and Janes paid for their bailout. However said bailout didn’t fix the problems that got us there; to the contrary those same practices are ongoing. What little legislation there is was undermined by the bankers and their conservative cronies, and that little is now trying to be completely removed by the same players. Hence their now record profits are buying the likes of Scott Brown to maintain the status quo. Meanwhile, the rest of us are struggling to get by in the wake of their disaster.

Maddow then segues into the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is how the rest of us vent our anger at the above unpunished criminal behavior, against the very real class warfare being waged by the rich against everyone else. The people are fed up and are taking to the streets, again. And finally over the actual causes of our economic nightmare, which is not public unions or teachers. The usual political channels of trying to get our legislators’ ear seems pointless, since they are bought off by the rich per above. (And yes, even most Democrats and President Obama too.)

Such mass demonstrations have a powerful effect though, and the more people that join in the more it motivates at least some in power to listen. We’ve seen some incredible results of such demonstrations in Egypt and elsewhere, including Wisconsin and how it affected the recall of at least 2 State Senators. And it can work here again, if we but stick to it and help this movement grow with our participation and financial support. If we don’t stand up and act now it will only continue to get worse and the rich will not stop until they’ve drained every last cent and drop of blood from us and the system totally collapses, leaving them in their armed compounds defending their riches against the hungry hoards. Please wake up America, take heed, and act now before it is literally too late and post-apocalyptic movies like Blade Runner are a reality.

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