Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The gigi-glossary and the lattice

From this ongoing IPS thread. Some Wilber quotes from his Gigi Glossary post (with my bolding), with my comments following.

“The difference between these states (and their correlative mysticisms) and the structures themselves is that, at 3rd tier, both a structure and a particular state are conjoined: the states are deeply interwoven with the harder structures and basic rungs, and don’t remain as amorphous states free to roam the spectrum. This brings the major states into deep connection with the basic structures, and in their intrinsic order—gross (with para-mind), subtle (with meta-mind), causal (with overmind), and nondual (with supermind). The state-realms themselves also remain intrinsically distinct and can be specifically experienced that way (Buddhas still wake, dream, and sleep, even though their consciousness is permanently open to all of them).

“And of most importance, what happens at each of the 3rd-tier levels is that the basic structure, and the correlative state, are stripped of their exclusive identity with the separate-self sense. The basic rungs remain in existence, with their continuing relational exchanges with corresponding levels in the exterior world; and the major states remain (as we said, Buddhas still wake, sleep, and dream); but the exclusive Views and Vantage Points of reality generated from those structures and states are negated (except for the ones at the present structure or state of proximate identity, which remain as long as the identity does, and then are negated and transcended to make room for the next higher View or Vantage Point). The structures and states themselves are preserved (or included), the exclusionary Views and Vantage Points are negated (or transcended). The net result, at supermind, is that all of the basic rungs or basic structures—and all of the major states—are still in existence, and now fully integrated; but any exclusive identity with any of them is negated, transcended, let go of.”

This worldview negation does not just happen at 3rd tier but in all stages. Although the Lingam is saying at supermind all views are negated in that one no longer identifies with any of them; the ego has been transcended. But I'm sure we can find examples of experienced meditators that have stable so-called state-stage development into nondual supermind. But they still have metaphysical views! So my scheme of using egoic-rationality as the fulcrum for a fuller integration of much earlier developments like dream and deep sleep into so-called 3rd tier state-stages makes more sense, as it also accounts for the formal-rational metaphysical view. Practitioners like that have as yet moved into post-formal rationality so these more laterally developed phases of rationality (so-called 2nd tier) are not required for so-called 3rd tier stability.

They are required for a postmetaphysical view though, or possibly at least the meta-systemic phase. But the latter view in no way elicits that kind of stable state-stages discussed above. For me then a true so-called beginning of 2nd tier is one with at least a meta-systemic view and a subtle meta-mind state stage. Next step, paradigmatic view with causal overmind. Next step, cross-paradigmatic view with nondual supermind. These pairings though are not hand-in-hand and can and do occur without those co-developments, as in our metaphysical view with supermind above. Or say a cross-paradigmatic view with a subtle meta-mind. All kinds of kosmic addresses here. And again, it requires some refiguring of the WC lattice more like I suggest.

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