Friday, August 4, 2017

Manchester by the Sea

I finally got a chance to view it last night for the first time. I've heard all the fanfare and accolades, what with with the Academy's nominations and all. And I was sorely disappointed. An irresponsible alcoholic kills his kids through drunken negligence and descends into hell where he belongs. At least he had the integrity to know he deserved his fate. Then this ne'er do well is to take on the responsibility of being guardian to his nephew?

I could not find any sympathy for this character and he didn't deserve it. And the nephew was in the same boat in that regard, a spoiled and abusive brat. Together they made for a repugnant relationship that got tired quickly. Instead of being enthralled by the plot as many have I got bored of them as I would if they were in my life. Only in life I'd just give up and quit hanging around them.

So I kept watching anyway hoping for some redemption. I guess the movie thought the main character deciding to let a relation adopt the kid, and selling the guns to fix the boat, provided that redemption. Instead I just felt "who fucking cares?"

And that melodramatic soundtrack was distracting at best and mostly just irritating. Sure, it's well produced and acted but that is not nearly enough. I'm sorry to have wasted the 2.5 hours watching this travesty of humanity.

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