Friday, August 4, 2017

The different factions on the right

Interesting discussion with Hartmann and Bryan Pruitt, conservative contributor to Pruitt notes there are 3 factions on the right: establishment Repugnantans, true conservatives, and the base. The establishment faction is using Dump to implement their agenda. Core conservatives don't approve much of the establishment because they've abandoned core values like trimming government and its interference. The establishment rigs the system through said regulations to give big business the contracts while shutting out competitive small businesses. The core also believes in a social safety net to take care of the least of us, and this is obviously not the intent of the establishment. The base feels that both Parties have failed to give a damn about them, just seeing them as catering to the wealthy. Hence they went with an outsider hoping he would be different. Hence there is a chance Dump will spin off to a 3rd Party and the Dims will split apart into at least 2 distinct factions.

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