Thursday, August 10, 2017

The universe is a bottom-up dynamic system

I've been saying what's in this video since forever, but it's a message not received by those heavily invested in dogmatic kennilingus. They are convinced that things must be organized by the top-down AQAL model, one claiming to be post-postmodern but based in this very modernist tenet. This requires individuals and organizations to buy its operating system either through salespeople or university programming. That is their main source of income so its a feedback loop back into the ideology, another modernist tenet expressed in capitalism, conscious or otherwise.

The collaborative commons has been emerging just like the dynamic system described in the video, from the bottom up and the middle out. There is no top-down involutionary given guiding the path of evolution back up toward Spirit, even in the insipid form of a morphogenetic groove. It has much more to do with sharing of resources than selling them for profit. And it is the actual form of a post-postmodernism, or metamodernism, than kennilingus pretensions to the contrary.

In a word: hier(an)archy is the process of dynamic systems.

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