Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fact check: Repugnantan weathcare & pre-existing conditions

Just the facts ma'am. The new Bill will still maintain pre-existing condition coverage but it would allow States to price premiums based on those conditions, thereby making it unaffordable to those with said conditions. Granted States are also required to request a waiver to price higher for pre-existing conditions, and a condition of that waiver is that "it must ensure that those with preexisting conditions have affordable and adequate coverage [...] but it remains to be seen what would be considered adequate and affordable."

Knowing Repugnantans that could very well mean: "Well, this new plan would be affordable if you got off your lazy ass and got a job as CEO, because anyone can do that if they just had the gumption. And since you refuse to become a CEO with commensurate salary then it's you who are inadequate and therefore unaffordable for us to sell you health insurance." Come on, tell me that's not accurate.

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