Monday, November 20, 2017

Franken's accuser has other motives?

See this story. Therein is a video of the same USO tour where Tweeden accused Franken of his unwanted behavior. In the video Tweeden rubs her ass on the guitar player, and when he grabs her ass she grabs his back. On the same tour she kissed a soldier on stage apparently without his consent.

So what could be her possible motive for going after Franken, given how own behavior on the tour? She just signed a book deal with Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which has ties conservatives with the likes of Bannon and the Mercers. Sounds like a good publicity stunt to get some sales. That it's at the expense of a Senator's career, one which has fought for women's rights, seems irrelevant to this woman who has her own sexual harassment issues.

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