Friday, August 24, 2018

A new politics from the left

From this article. See it for much more.

"Hence the importance of participatory democracy being built into the institutions of a new kind of state and a new kind of party. This break from past mentalities will mean strengthening initiatives for change arising outside the existing political system that may not necessarily see themselves as political. This approach underpins a distinct vision of socialism that does not hang on the notion of a centralised, all-knowing state. Rather it envisages the state as a facilitator and support for networks of autonomous, collaborative production, already prefigured in the many co-operative, peer-to-peer and social enterprises stimulated by the revolution in information and communication technologies. The need for a new politics is converging with the opportunities (still precarious and contested) now opening up for a new economics. I will suggest below how their decentralised /distributed, yet coordinated, organisational logics converge."

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