Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The pattern theory of self

Continuing this post, here are a couple of quotes from two of Gallagher's contributions in that issue. From his article on decentering the brain:

"In brief, the pattern theory of self (PTS) argues that a self is constituted as a pattern or dynamical Gestalt comprised of a sufficient number of characteristic factors, including embodied, experiential, affective, behavioral, intersubjective, psychological/cognitive, reflective, narrative, extended and normative factors. It is important to note that this is not an additive list of factors; rather these components or aspects are dynamically interrelated in a pattern or Gestalt arrangement (Gallagher & Daly 2018). Accordingly, a change in one element, above a certain threshold, will lead, via dynamical interactions, to changes in others."

From his response to peer reviews:

"The various elements of the self-pattern are not, as Wykretowicz (§3) suggests, organized on different levels around a minimal core. As a dynamical gestalt the pattern is not characterized by different levels, but by an integration via dynamical relations (Gallagher & daly 2018). In effect, the unity of the self just is the coherency of the pattern held together in its dynamical relations" (3). 

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