Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The science of interstitium

Continuing this post, here is a link to papers presented at the 2018 International Fascia Research Congress. The 2nd article is on recent findings of a "previously unappreciated fluid-filled interstitial space, draining to lymph nodes and supported by a complex network of thick collagen bundles." In the discussion section it notes that "the spaces we describe, supported and organized by a collagen lattice, are compressible and distensible and may thus serve as shock absorbers." 

When this lattice is consciously interconnected by whole body movement training like martial arts it can take an incoming force and absorb it while also redirecting and compressing it into the ground. Then it can bounce that force off the ground like a ball and distend it back through the fascial network, redirecting it to the opponent. It's still science and bio-physics. Bio-physics in that our bodies are not just inanimate objects bouncing off each other in space. F = MA still applies but it is filtered though living tissues and bio-mechanics like the above.

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