Friday, May 17, 2019

Lakoff on the media spreading Dump's BS

Lakoff's FB comment is posted below in response to this WaPo article.

"Nearly one year ago, we wrote of Trump: 'First, he weaponizes words. The modifier 'crooked' convicted Hillary Clinton without a trial. The media’s constant repetition sealed the verdict. 'Fake news' proclaims that the news is fake. The use of 'fake' is designed to delegitimize the press itself. Trump also uses strategic name-calling to undermine the Russia investigation, tagging it as a 'witch-hunt' by the 'deep state' in an attempt to shift blame. It’s false, but when the press repeats it, his narrative wins.'

"Has the press learned anything since? Unfortunately, the answer is no. They continue to chase his tweets and his name-calling. Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post calls on her fellow journalists wake up and stop spreading Trump's attacks. She writes:
"Journalists may not be able to ignore these nicknames altogether, but they should stop doing Trump’s dirty work for him: amplifying their power through prominent placement and frequent, unquestioning repetition."

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