Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Periodic table of chemical bonds

Continuing this post, then there's this recent article, also indicative of how a change in the lens changes what you can see, and that no one lens rules them all. The all too familiar table of the elements is based on atomic mass. However according to this article "there is no unambiguously correct arrangement of the elements; depending on the criterion applied for classification, a different periodic table results." An alternative way to arrange them is based on chemical bonds, which is viewed as an interconnected network instead of a static matrix.

"The 94 covalent bonds are represented in a network of differently colored circles. Each circle represents a chemical bond, and the color symbolizes belonging to one of the 44 groups. Because now two criteria are used for the sorting, there is no longer any clear order of the atoms (like in the tables of Mendeleev and Meyer)—mathematicians speak of a partial order. The circles are therefore connected to other circles by one or more arrows, thereby creating an ordered hypergraph."

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