Friday, December 16, 2011

Spiritual domination of the fittest

This article by Joe Corbett at Integral World is enlightening, adding support to the much vaunted claim that Kennilingam and kennilingus is an apologetics for political conservatism and capitalism. A few excerpts:

"Ken Wilber['s]...model of justice has a peculiar resemblance to the 2500 year old notion of justice found in Plato. At the top of the social pyramid in Plato's utopian Just society sits the philosopher-king (Ken Wilber). Surrounding him are the loyal and obedient warriors who protect and defend him by any means necessary, whether he is right or wrong (the inner circle of Wilber devotees). Next comes the merchant class (Joe Firmage and other wealthy benefactors of the Integral Institute), the lowly but necessary servants who support the needs of the philosopher-king and his warriors with booty that the king and his warriors have helped to secure from the common masses (the clients and patrons of the books, merchandise, and seminar-workshops of Ken Wilber Inc.). And just in case anybody forgets who the beloved philosopher-king is they need only look at the front cover of any given Wilber publication adorned with the face of none other than KW himself.

"Personal responsibility for ones fate in life beyond external determining forces of oppression is also a well known tenet of integral politics, and of a Buddhism that has historically been used to justify the caste system in traditional Eastern societies. In fact, Wilber has gone so far as to claim that Buddha was a Republican, thus recruiting Buddhism to the cause of joining the chorus of those right-wing conservatives who blame the victims of social injustice for being lazy, irresponsible, not of right mind, and generally deserving of what they get. The war of all against all in a neoliberal world of the global race to the bottom thus seems to find a champion in the KW-integral call for individual responsibility, mental discipline, and physical austerity, aka, blaming and punishing the victims of the unregulated excesses of financial and political elites.

"Known for its support of libertarian, Republican, free market, and anti-Communist crusades that exalted individual genius over self-sacrifice and collectivist ideas, Randianism has been the undeclared official ideology of 20th century social Darwinism. In the worlds of Wilber and Rand, an Atman superhero (KW, John Galt) is poised to take on the world, only to eventually achieve mastery and domination over it by setting up a separate world of his own based on the evolutionary principles of rewarding the victorious and shrugging off the losing majority. In this way the true spiritual genius of humanity will at last come to be recognized for what it is: a big selfish asshole. And by the way, have a happy Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas, Ken, from all the hungry and homeless children in America."

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