Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stewart v. O'Reilly debate

They met Saturday night at George Washington University for a "debate," sort of mocking the usual fare that occurs during such political theater. At theater this was, knowing it was a farce. At least for Stewart, who as usual gets actual political points across while injecting humor and wit. The debate started with 2 minute opening statements. When it came time for Stewart he began by using a mechanical lift to make his as tall as his opponent, for he is actually much shorter. What follows are a few of excerpts from Stewart during the opening. See the link for the whole debate.

 "My friend Bill O'Reilly is completely full of shit." He said we face intractable problems because some "have created an alternate universe" over a woman in Georgetown who wanted coverage for her health issues "in the same way that Viagra is covered." "I call this alternate reality...Bullshit Mountain." Gesturing the O'Reilly he said: "I have come here tonight to plead to the mayor of Bullshit Mountain, talk to your people." He railed against how their alternate reality preempts any attempts at workable solutions on the debt, as killing Big Bird is not one of them.

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