Monday, June 24, 2013

Brit Hume on Snowden's leak: "This hasn't been so damaging."

We know that regressives in general think Snowden committed treason and should be hung in public. One 'reason' we hear is that he revealed State secrets that are endangering lives. So I was surprised yesterday to hear Brit Hume say the following on Fox News Sunday (transcript):

"Well, my first thought is that we need to think about how much damage, if any, the leak of the existence of this program has done. As we’ve talked about here a week ago, this isn't the first time it’s been reported that this program exists. It sort of went unnoticed somehow when it was broken by USA Today and perhaps others back, what, seven years ago. So how much damage has it done that the people were trying to defend ourselves against know that there’s this vast database of phone numbers which can be searched in case they reach out to somebody in the United States by telephone. It would be better they didn't know that. How much better is imponderable at this point. To me, that’s the key question. How much harm has it done? And does whatever information this character has that hasn't come out yet pose a threat of further damage? What came out this week, I think, didn't do that. I just would say that I think that, you know, so far this hasn't been so damaging. Nor has it been all that revelatory, in my opinion."

When you have the most right wing panelist on Fox News saying this we really should pay attention. And the Justice Dept. wants to try Snowden for espionage?

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