Friday, June 21, 2013

Image schema as endo-structural elements

Continuing from previous posts on the topic (like here, here and here), recall this post in another thread, linking to another thread, where I brought up image schema. Also recall my reference to Nunez article “What is mathematics” earlier in this thread.  Nunez notes something of interest discussed in this thread, elements in an endo-structure that are not holons because they are not decomposable. He said: “The spatial relations in a given language decompose into conceptual primitives (image schemas) that appear to be universal” (10). Image schemas are decomposable primitives, the bottom ‘turtle’ of embodiment that do not go on in infinite regress. Granted they are not ‘thoughts’ proper like the decomposable elements of Luhmann or Bryant but are thought’s elements!

Also recall from this thread that image schemas, when viewed in any given hierarchy, are in the middle. Unlike hierarchies which have a fundamental smallest thing and/or a fundamental largest thing, the actual fundamental thing is smack dab in the middle. So this turns the typical Aristotelian or Platonic hierarchy (and kennlinguist holarchy) not upside down but inside out. Try to image a graphic depiction of that sort of holarchy! One not nested set inside another, but where the inside becomes the outside ad infinitum? Remember this gif?

Reference in the 2nd paragraph is to the real/false reason thread, starting with this post and several following, where I then figure out what I didn't grok in the initial post. Comparing it though to Luhmann's elements via Bryant is a new twist that has emerged from my subconscious.
This also supports thoughts as holons and/or suobjects with substance, with image schema as endo-relational decomposable elements.

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