Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Framing progressive economics

See this article, "Three principles of progressive economics." It's not only about progressive values but how to frame them. And it's not by Lakoff! You'll note that Obama is using this advice in his speeches. I've enclosed some charts below. See the link for the explanations. Also see this link to Progressive Majority Action, which has a lot of info on framing for particular issues. Therein they also offer a free download of a 67-page booklet, "Voicing Our Values."

Don’t say . . .

Say . . .

Free markets

Free enterprise

Fair markets

Level playing field

Rigging the rules, gaming the system

Stacking the deck

An economy that works for all of us

Say . . .

Our system works when everyone gets a fair shot, everyone gives their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. My opponent’s policies are not fair; they rig the system to benefit the rich over the rest of us. My policies would promote fair markets so that every American who works hard and plays by the rules has the opportunity to live the American Dream.

Don’t say . . .

Say . . .

Job creators

Supply side

Grow from the middle out, not the top down

The disappearing middle class

Trickle-down economics

Unfair breaks and bailouts to Wall Street banks and giant corporations

The economic system isn’t working for the 99%

Say . . .

The middle class is the engine of our prosperity. Our economy succeeds when it grows from the middle out, not from the top down. We need to stop giving tax breaks, bailouts, and other special treatment to the Wall Street banks, giant corporations, and rich individuals. We need to start building a fair market economy that provides every American a fair chance to succeed.

Don’t say . . .

Say . . .

All earnings are the same

Creating real wealth

An honest day’s work

Economic predators

Wall Street speculators

Rigging, cheating, churning, loopholes

Say . . .

We need an economy that’s fair to everyone. That means structuring a system that not only rewards people for hard work and innovation, but also discourages people from cheating the system or passing costs to the community. We need rules of the road that make economic competition fair and open and honest.

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