Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Integral Center and Holacracy

See this article where The Integral Center of Boulder has "voluntarily relinquished their rights to control their company as owners. Instead, they have ceded authority to a purpose-centered governance process called Holacracy, a model that distributes authority across the organization and gives primary power to the organization itself."

I also contacted Holacracy One and asked what their pay ratio is from highest to lowest paid. The answer was 3 to 1. I was also led to this link, which says in part:

"With Holacracy at play, the game is entirely different: with the decentralization of authority, the separation of people and role, and the dynamic evolution of those roles, we end up with a situation that looks more like free agents going about their work with no central planning. There might not even be a single person who knows about everything you do."

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