Sunday, October 19, 2014

Developmental dillwads

In ongoing IPS FB discussions on the Sam Harris-Ben Affleck argument, kennilinguists continue to peg people into developmental boxes, as if anyone ever consistently displays one particular level. So I must reiterate, apparently ad infinitum, actual research from developmental psychology.

Kennilinguists think developmental levels might be useful in this discussion, which levels are involved? From which participants? In what particular statements? In what contexts? If we accept the actual developmental research* that no one is 'at' a level all the time in all contexts, or that something like a CoG is even feasible, then go ahead and get specific in each sentence they utter, in each context, in each line, in each emotional state etc. Please.

And perhaps an even more fundamental question: Does one have to speak kennilingus to be considered 'integral'?

* Recall Fischer in the Handbook of Developmental Psychology:

"There is no single level of competence in any domain" (494).

"Dynamically, adult cognitive development moves forward, backward, and in various other directions. It forms a dynamic web, and even each separate strand is dynamic (and fractal), not a linear ladder" (508).

"The wisdom and intelligence of an adult cannot be captured by one developmental level, one domain, one pathway or one direction" (512-13).

And this from something I quoted in another of our threads, from Fischer and Mascalo:*

"To speak of the development of psychological structures is not the same as speaking about the development of a person. There are no general or 'all purpose' psycho
logical structures. Although they undergo massive development over the lifespan, psychological structures consist of localized skills that are tied to particular situational demands, psychological demands and social contexts" (17).

"It is not appropriate to say that an individual functions at a single developmental level, even for a particular skill. Instead it is more appropriate to say that an individual's skills function at a range of levels depending on context, domain, time of day, emotional state and other variables" (35-6).

* "The dynamic development of thinking, feeling and acting over the lifespan." 

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