Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kansas and the zombie lie

Of trickle-down economics. Maher's special new rule investigates the case of the KS governor imposing this always failed economic theory on his State to disasterous results. And yet regressives, faced time and again with this failure, keep insisting that it just wasn't implemented right. Or something. But never that it always fails because the theory IS a failure.

And worse yet, said regressive Governor was losing in the polls for his reelection until it was revealed that his Democrat opponent went to a strip club in his 20s. Yes, that's all, and yet the idiots of KS think that's some sort of disqualifying criteria and the opponent's lead in the polls has evaporated. So the regressive governor, who has caused real harm to the KS people, might win reelection when his opponent has only looked at boobs in his 20s? Maher's right that many of the American people are just plain stupid.

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