Saturday, December 13, 2014

On metaphysical D(z)ogma

The following is my commentary on a recent turn in the IPS Desilet thread starting here, where andrew inquires about the relationship of Derrida and mystical Kabbalah, and the primacy of consciousness in Dzogchen:

I can offer some insight, having been an initiate into a Hermetic Qabalah system. Bottom line is that for them (magic) words can call into presence the actual things they represent. In most cases the things so called are from more subtle planes of existence, like angels and demons, all the way up to God. And that's because the words themselves are from a more subtle, higher plane of existence that prefigures material reality. In the beginning was the Word, and all that. It's the neo-perennial philosophy in practice and it doesn't seem Derrida would go along with that.

It's not just the primacy of consciousness for the D(z)ogma, it's like the Kabbalists in that it is the literal metaphysical basis that transcends and 'involves' into the material world. Both have magic words and rituals that enact that process, or so they believe. Same with kennilingus.

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