Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Paramodern god/desses

LP started a FB thread on how we might envision god/desses in today's world. My comments from that thread follow.

If we think of the Gods as Plato's intelligible forms and we mortals as the sensible forms, Khora gives birth to both. The Gods have specific characteristics and personalities. They come from Heaven as distinguished from Earth. They are the immortal Ideas in the Great Chain which descend into the mortal material. Khora is without idea, character, time (eternal or otherwise) or place.

Granted the notion of khora's time above sounds more than a bit metaphysical. Given Derrida's take on time, his khoratic differance sounds more like TSK's future infinitive, a future that never arrives, open indeterminativity. This is different than time as sequence or time as the eternal, man or God(s). See Balder's blog post on this.

When LP used the word 'powers' to describe today's gods I'm reminded of the withdrawn or virtual real in Bryant, DeLanda, Deleuze etc. Yet even though not actual these strange attractor(s) are still immanent, not in some transcendent space-time. Transcendental, sure, but that's a different story. Would LP consider this sort of virtuality 'heaven' or of the paraphysicial 'gods'?

Btw, this sort of virtuality cannot subsist actuality without the latter, and vice-versa. So it is a sort of heaven-and-earth-and-neither. And it allows said powers to be specific to the suobject in question, thereby retaining some unique characteristics and 'personalities.'
And to reside in the future infinitive in the TSK sense, strange yet fully immanent-transcendental attractors.

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