Sunday, April 23, 2017

Integral/transpersonal theory hybrid

From the archives:

One source I've quoted and commented on at length is Jerry Goddard's free e-book, Transpersonal Theory and the Astrological Mandala: An Evolutionary Theory. Chapter 3 goes into the TP models of Wilber, Grof and Washburn. E.g., in this post I said:

"In Chapter 6 of Goddard’s Transpersonal Theory he reiterates something I said in the Krishnamurti 2 thread about Gebser. Previous structures are not holonically subsumed into the next higher structure. The lower structures continue to develop laterally within the dominant higher structure. However successively higher structures up to the mental-ego are by nature “divisive” or exclusive into a higher-lower polarity whereby one pole is dominant, and higher tends to at least consciously (epistemologically) subsume the lower. Nonetheless ontologically the repressed (and previous) pole (structure) continues to develop but unconsciously and it is not until the so-called centaur structure (Geber’s IA) that we begin the return arc of integration of our formerly repressed structures. This conscious return then finds those previous structures having gone through their own developments unbeknownst to us so that they are not the immature magical and mythical worldviews they were on the upward arc of development. Add in the conscious ego’s recognition and integration of them and we get an IA structure that holds all of the structures as they are without contradiction."

Following that post is a quote from the referenced chapter 6. The entire thread is called States, Stages, the Wilber-Combs Lattice and the Fold and is one such Integral/Transpersonal theory hybrid.

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