Monday, April 24, 2017

Top 10 ways Twamp & GOP are screwing workers

The following are just the bullet points from this Economic Policy Institute post. See it for the details. These are the facts of what you voted for Twamp swampers. This is real news, and it's you that are being fed fake news to manipulate you. If you want us to quit calling you stupid then quit being stupid.

1. Protecting Wall Street profits that siphon billions of dollars from retirement savers. 
2. Letting employers hide fatal injuries that happen on their watch.
3. Allowing potentially billions of taxpayer dollars to go to private contractors who violate health and safety protections or fail to pay workers. 
4. Undermining important regulations that protect workers and consumers.
5. Allowing employers to penalize employees who don’t want to reveal their private medical information.  

6. Gutting the strength of labor organizing by forcing unions to represent and protect non-dues-paying workers.
7. Cutting pay for construction workers on federally funded infrastructure projects.
8. Putting the brakes on overtime pay for the middle class.   
9. Slashing the budget for the Department of Labor, hindering its ability to enforce wage theft and worker safety laws or provide job training programs. 
10. Declining to raise the minimum wage and lift pay for low-wage workers.   

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