Thursday, August 17, 2017

Democracy Now also interviews Mark Bray

Here. Also of note is that some of the German people were involved in the anti-fascist resistance to the Nazis. Bray gives some history of the movement and puts Charlottesville in context. Fascism isn't just an end product of a regime but starts in places like Charlottesville with such armed demonstrations. It is then fed by government like we're seeing with Dump. Hence Antifa is dedicated to meeting any expression of fascism when it arises, to nip it in the bud.

"When Hitler first attended his first meeting of the German Workers’ Party, which he later transformed into the Nazi Party, they had 54 members. So, we need to see that there’s always a potential for small movements to become large. And one of the other lessons of the beginning of the 20th century is that people did not take fascism and Nazism seriously until it was too late. That mistake will never be made again by anti-fascists, who will recognize that any manifestation of these politics is dangerous and needs to be confronted as if it could be the nucleus of some sort of deadly movement or regime of the future."

"OK, if you don’t think that it’s appropriate to physically confront and to stand in front of neo-Nazis who are trying to organize for another genocide now, do you do it after someone has died, as they just did? Do you do it after a dozen people have died? Do you do it once they’re at the footsteps of power? At what point? At what point do you say, "Enough is enough," and give up on the liberal notion that what we need to do is essentially create some sort of a regime of rights that allow neo-Nazis and their victims to coexist, quote-unquote, "peacefully," and recognize that the neo-Nazis don’t want that and that also the anti-fascists are right in not looking at it through that liberal lens, but rather seeing fascism not as an opinion that needs to be responded to respectfully, but as an enemy to humanity that needs to be stopped by any means necessary?"

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