Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hartmann interviews Antifa activist Mark Bray

It means anti-fascist and arose in response to fascist regimes. It realizes that fascists aren't going to respond to reason and will use only violence to obtain their ends. Antifa therefore realized they'd have to fight fire with fire to stop fascism. Like when we went to war with Germany to stop the Nazis from exterminating the Jews and invading countries left and right. A war was necessary. So today's Nazis and racists come to rallies armed and intending to be violent and they are. Antifa comes to counter that violence and protect peaceful protestors from that violence. They are not in any way two sides of a coin, a false equivalence. It's like the old TV series Kung Fu: Kaine is peaceful but sometimes he has to kick ass against violent people who bully others.

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