Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Progressive electoral victories

The most notable were the victories for Governor in Virginia and New Jersey. But there were other down ballot races won. Seems the tide is turning against Dump and the Repugnantans. Plus this sends a clear and indisputable message to the establishment Dimocrapic Party.

"Justin Fairfax, a 38-year-old former federal prosecutor, becoming the second ever African American to be elected lieutenant governor in Virginia, defeating a Republican opponent who openly embraced President Donald Trump; Democrat Danica Roem ousting her right-wing anti-LGBTQ counterpart from Virginia's House of Delegates, making her the state's first openly transgender person to hold elective office; Lee Carter, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, winning in Northern Virginia's 50th District over his GOP opponent, despite losing the backing of the state Democratic Party; and all seven Our Revolution-backed alderman candidates emerging victorious in Somerville, Massachusetts.

"These victories—along with others in Washington, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere—provide concrete evidence that running grassroots-fueled campaigns that embrace our nation's diversity and inclusive, populist ideas are the way to win in 2018."

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