Monday, December 25, 2017

A Fox-addicted mother-in-law

This liberal decided to finally broach politics with his Fox addicted mother-in-law. Some of his conclusions are below, conclusions I came to a long time ago. We can only regain Congress and the Presidency by not wasting time on those who can't be reached but by investing in those sensible few in the margins who can be won back. A few excerpts:

"It also pinpointed in my mind the total waste of time to try and speak with those so far gone or to try and reason with them or discuss in an intelligent way. My learned message to those who say we have to coddle the Republicans and try and win them over, for a large segment they are too far gone and trying to do so is both a waste of time and resources.

"I am no longer willing to coddle or ignore these dangerous and disgusting thoughts. Society needs to spend less time trying to bring these people along and instead unmask them with the door open to return if they wake up.
"It is impossible to reason, discuss or make sense with someone whose thought processes have no basis in reality and we as a country are wrong to coddle them in the hope they will wake up, they will not. 
"I am an avowed liberal and I will no longer hide in the corner and not speak out to keep the peace, instead I will speak out at every opportunity. The survival of the country rests on invigorating the silent masses and totally steamrolling the 25%-35% who are crazy."

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