Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Piketty on how progressives win

This Salon piece analyzes Piketty's 65-page paper on the topic, reinforcing that the Sanders agenda is the people's agenda and a winning strategy.

"Piketty's paper aligns with their somewhat counterintuitive strategy that shifting the Democratic Party platform more to the left is actually a winning electoral strategy that can help bring back disenfranchised working-class voters and less educated voters who currently may not vote at all or identify with right-wing populism."

And he's also right, like Thomas Frank, that a main reason the Dems lost is due to shifting their allegiances to the top 10% of professionals and away from the common working person. To win they must reverse that trend. And have genuine progressive candidates that authentically fight for working people. That means no more corporate Dims like Clinton.

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