Saturday, August 18, 2018

We're on the path to authoritarianism

Good talk by Historian Timothy Snyder. First off, get rid of facts and truth, then sell fictional, bigoted myths. Oft times this is an intentional strategy, as the fascists know what they're peddling is a lie. But Dump goes a step further in that he has no conception of facts or truth to begin with, as his whole life has been a lie. He genuinely believes his own lies. He then feeds this to an ignorant base that also cannot tell the difference and just believe in and follow what they think is a strong, successful leader. Again, a myth not based in reality.

Snyder does though encourage us to fight back, as we can all do something to combat this madness, however small. The small stuff adds up if we all do it. And we must take that individual responsibility now, for if we do not then we will continue down this road to fascism. It is that serious. And that is the truth.

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