Sunday, August 5, 2018

Wikileaks gets wikileaked

This is Greenwald's hero, and those that listen to him. 11,000 Wikileaks Twitter direct messages were released and we discover that they wanted Clinton to lose, their motivation for the leaks. And they coordinated propaganda and troll ops. I'm guessing at least some of this will be of Russian origin, to be determined by Mueller. Revealing wrong doing is one thing, treason another.

"The idea was that the attitudes and behavior of WL [Wikileaks] behind closed doors is relevant, especially their coordination of PR, propaganda and troll ops through assets that are public supporters but not publicly known to take cues from WL."

"Micah Lee, a technologist and journalist at The Intercept, and one of the reporters who worked on the publication’s earlier coverage of the DMs, told Motherboard that Best’s DM cache is the same as his."

"The official Wikileaks account, widely believed to be controlled by Assange, also pushed antisemitic and transphobic messages, according to the messages."

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