Monday, October 29, 2018

Dump's holocaust is happening right now

And yet we don't acknowledge it, or maybe even know about it. Excellent analysis by Theo Horesh in this FB post. A few edited clips follow. See the link for much more.

"But what if he were already carrying it out, and we were watching it unfold right before our eyes, and yet, somehow, mysteriously, we did not notice a thing? [...] The United Nations reports eight million Yemenis are on the brink of starvation this very moment, and another 10 million are threatened with it by the end of the year, due to the blockade of their ports by Saudi Arabia, which is starving the country, with British and American arms and logistical support."

"And yet, even as American involvement intensifies, under the most hated administration in at least a century—which is strongly opposed by close to half the country—the vast majority of Americans have nothing whatsoever to say about this vast and imponderable crime against humanity. We are turning away as genocide breaks out again."

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