Monday, August 13, 2012

Distributed property

In this age of distribution property is but one more aspect that requires the same for an equitable society. P2P Foundation turned me on to this article, where the author notes viable examples already exist and are doing quite well. An excerpt:

"John M├ędaille is a U.S.-based ‘distributist’. Distributism is a tradition which originated within Catholic social thought and stresses that the distribution of property between all citizens is a prerequisite for a just and prosperous society, and sharply distinguishes equitable markets from capitalism."

John says:

"Pure communism has never existed outside the wall of a monastery, and pure capitalism has never existed outside a banker’s fantasies. But Distributism is blessed with many examples, on the ground, over large scales and extended periods of time. You may go and visit them, talk to the people, examine how they work, and judge whether they will work for Romania. In fact, there are many large and long-standing examples that we may examine. Some of the more prominent ones include the Mondrag├│n Cooperative Corporation of Spain, the cooperative economy of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, the Grameen Bank, which pioneered micro-lending, the remarkable success of the employee-run Semco of Brazil or the Fabricas sin Patrones (“factories without bosses”) of Argentina. There are Employee Stock Ownership firms, and cooperatives and mutual banks and insurance companies of every size and description."

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