Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Regressives know propaganda but use it to lie

As I've stated before, GOP operatives are masters of framing. Lakoff has also noted this and that progressives must learn from it to get their message across. They are catching up but the difference is that regressives lie in their framing. When caught they then spin this further that there is not truth, that truth itself is just a matter of framing a point of view. It wasn't that long ago that they criticized the liberals for doing this, calling it cultural relativism. But there are facts and there is spin. And to not recognize the facts and to utilize outright lies in one's spin is a blatant lack of character. Again the regressives have traditionally laid claim to morality and religious righteousness. And again they violate their own purported beliefs by lying, cheating and stealing to effect their worldview.

Robert Reich wonders how regressives get away with repeating claims that have been proven to be false, like Obama got rid of the work requirement in welfare, or that he's cutting Medicare benefits. They do so by buying so much air time through their virtually unlimited spending funded by wealthy benefactors. They repeat them over and over to the point that the less informed, their prime constituency, believe it. They also denigrate the mainstream media as being liberally biased and hence any "facts" they produce are not to be trusted. As Stephen Colbert famously noted: "The facts have a liberal bias." Along with the first reason regressives have massive media outlets like Fox and Limbaugh that happily pass along the misinformation. They actually create an alternate universe where women won't get pregnant if their are "illegimately" raped.

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