Monday, September 21, 2015

Social democracy has the happiest people

See this article, which shows that social democracy is the political-economic system conducive to producing the most happiness. Which is why the Scandinavian countries always score the highest on the world happiness index. It's also why the oligarchs keep us starving and fearful, for if we were happy we'd get their influence, and their political lapdogs, out of government. As the article says of capitalism:

"When people become commodities they become subject to pitiless market forces beyond their control. They face a world characterised by chronic insecurity, since the market for the sale of their labour is, like the market for any commodity, subject to uncontrollable fluctuation.  People become dependent on forces indifferent to them, or to any individual. [...] To survive and try to flourish, people adopt the values and norms of the market prison – competitive individualism, egotism, a focus on short-term material gain. In practice, these values detract from a satisfying life."

The article also brings in Maslow's hierarchy of needs related to this internal, psychological state. That is, the lower needs have to be met in order for the higher needs to flourish and produce the most happiness, like self-actualization. And a society's economic system is critical to moving up that hierarchy, or not.

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