Tuesday, September 15, 2015

There IS an alternative

See this article on Corbyn and Sanders. We're tired of the old refrain "there is no alternative" to the capitalistic oligarchy that all the major Parties in both the US and the UK have supported. Well now there is an alternative and it is exemplified by Corbyn's win in the UK to lead the Labour Party and Sanders rise to challenge Clinton for the US Democratic nomination.

It was business as usual with the Third Way leaders like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair and championed by integral theorists like Ken Wilber. These leaders embraced financial deregulation that led to the financial meltdown, as well as austerity programs that decimated the middle class and drastically cut welfare programs that literally starved the poor.

Both Sanders and Corbyn opposed such draconian policies from the start and still do. Both are socialists and both represent a system that is fair to all, even the capitalists. They are just trying to reform a system back toward democracy and away from the oligarchy it's become, where we are concerned for and take care of each other and all benefit. Corbyn's UK victory and Sanders' US populist rise are indicative of this sea change in these countries where the people want their government back for the welfare of all.

And to all those aficionados of integral theory, this trend is the actual harbinger of the emerging next wave of political economy, the incipient inklings of a neo-Commons that is already well underway and  well documented by Jeremy Rifkin and the P2P Foundation. It ain't no faux-integral Third Way as exemplified by the first Clinton and Blair. Even the Pope is on board with his integral ecology. Sanders and Corbyn will pave the way for the neo-Commons to emerge on a mass scale. It certainly won't enact with Third Way conscious capitalism.

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