Thursday, February 25, 2016

And still more on Hartmann and Uber

In this clip Hartmann discusses Uber and how the so-called sharing economy limits people to part-time work with no benefits, no unions and no recourse to bad treatment. It's a corporate model that is changing the very nature of work for the worse. And yet he also admits to being a satisfied Uber customer and supporting a system that he finds not in the least amenable to a just and fair work envirnoment.

And then we have Hartmann's book, The Crash of 2016. After several chapters on why the US system is corrupt due to the Royalists, the 1% and top corporations, he provides solutions in Part 5 of the book. Chapter 15 is entitled "Democratize the Economy," where the likes of Union Cab moves us in that direction, not Uber. He knows what's wrong and what we need to do, but is he willing to walk the talk?

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