Thursday, February 25, 2016

Still more on Hartmann and Uber

From this FB post on the topic addressed to Hartmann:

"If I hear the word "Uber" one more time on your show, off goes the switch. You, more than anyone, should understand the MO behind this parasite of a company. They off-shore their earnings and drive functional cab companies to near bankruptcy. In Portland, three of the five city commissioners have as their political adviser one of Uber's lobbyist. One being the mayor.

"Our company (who is driver owned) has ~ 300 cabs. 170 of those carry city issued permits to work LEGALLY within the city limits of Portland. This cap was set by the city, not us. Uber has been allowed to work deregulated. According Uber and Lyft, there are close to 8000 (yes 8 THOUSAND) Uber/Lyft drivers working in the city. How are we, with our cap limit of 170 cars, supposed to compete with this corporately (by Goldman and Google) funded giant?

"I've had to start collecting my social security early (I'm 62) because Uber has sucked so much of our income away I can no longer make ends met. Even the Uber drivers are complaining of too many drivers. Many are lucky to make 40 to 60 bucks after working 10 to 12 hours. And since they're not regulated, some are driving more hours than legally allowed by the State of Oregon.

"Then there's the issue of insurance. The State of Oregon says if you use your car for commercial purpose (such as operating as a livery service) you MUST carry commercial insurance. If these guys get in a wreck while driving around waiting for a "ping" the first thing they'll *try* to do is yank any evidence they were operating as a livery service (they pull their Uber/Lyft sticker from view). Not one single insurance company in Oregon will cover an Uber/Lyft driver to use their private vehicle as a cab (which Uber/Lyft is). We've had first hand experience. 5 of our cabs have been hit in the last 6 months by Uber drivers. We're still waiting to collect. A bicycle rider has a $250,000 lawsuit against an Uber driver because Uber refuses to pay the medical bills caused from the collision. Two pedestrians hit. A blind lady cross 5th and Washington hit by an Uber driver making an illegal right turn from 5th onto Washington (since you lived here, you should know where I'm talking about). Witnesses watched the driver leave without stopping, then drive to the front on the Monaco, pick up their "pax," as they call them, and then hurry off. Fortunately one person got the plate number.

"You, Stephanie Miller....the whole lot of you who have been spewing "Uber is great, come drive for Uber" is nothing but support for corporate off-shore greed. Please stop."

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