Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Illuminari at the Threshold

See the 12-track digital album here, listen to and support it. Their blurb:


Progression in art is something that requires a complete abandon of sorts. It is that courageous step forward, right out of the box, in brazenly sure footing. ILLUMINARI represents the feminine principle in a world of duality. Our message is the light of existentialistic exploration and the clarity of inner truth. Our tool is the path of musical expression and artistic movement. We recognise that in this material reality, the masculine principle, the route of reaching outward for truth, is the more active, dominant one, and so our purpose is to illuminate our listeners to release themselves from the hold of the overtly physical and discover the deeper, realer life within. If but only one person awakens this light within them, ILLUMINARI would have served its ultimate vision, to ignite the guidance of the heart and soul. This is the picture we are painting in all its audacity and what we believe our contribution is to the collective.

There is no mediocrity in what we are attempting to do. It is cutting edge sound, no more, no less. Our intent is to be as experimental as possible while balancing a core, natural melody that resonates with instinctive good feeling. Our debut album is a Trip Hop composition, which is a fusion of funk, soul, jazz with an urban drumming style, entitled "ILLUMINARI AT THE THRESHOLD" and it is a compilation of different esoteric information aligned to the 12 archetypal subjects of the astrological signs.

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