Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Searching for the centaur

Following up on the recent posts on metatheory, Wilber has stated that a key way to achieve the integral level is to use AQAL as the integral operating system. That just by so doing it inculcates integral development. As but one example, see this ad for the superhuman operating system, as it is now called.

"But the Superhuman Operating System isn’t simply a map of our early development or a means to better understand yourself, or your spouse, or your boss (although it helps with those things tremendously). The Integral map shows us where we are going, where our emerging potentials are, what they look like, and how we can consciously and intentionally develop them. It shows us not only how to realize our unique greatness but how to actualize it, catalyzing the psychological and spiritual evolution, of ourselves and our planet."

And what I'm saying is that one doesn't need that operating system, or for that matter to use any metatheory, to realize an integral or metasystematic level. As one example, see this Ning IPS thread on Dierkes '15 ITC paper. E.g.:

"One of the consequences of such a shift is that the importance of the emergence of integral 'being' depending, in significant part, on feeling-work, existential inquiry and will-work, and imagination, as much as on increasing cognitive perspective-taking capacity, tends to be downplayed or overlooked -- even if unintentionally so."

See the thread for much more.

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