Saturday, August 20, 2016

The pro-Clinton bots

Here's a great letter from someone voting for Clinton but also realizing she's not only no saint but not a very good progressive candidate. The author, like me, was a Sanders supporter but came to realize that given the available choices Clinton was better than the yuuuge disaster that is Trump. She, like me, also realizes that unless we progressives hold Clinton's feet to the fire with the threat of being primaried in four years she'll easily slip back into here true corporate self. The problem for her, and me, is that pro-Clinton acolytes won't accept any of her true and considerably negatives. And anyone that does is berated and belittled. The author is right though: If we don't get up the fight for progressive values and policies we'll not only lose this battle but the war. And those Clinton sycophants will just go along with the tide and not keep up that necessary fight. Now if she could just convince the Sanders bots of this necessary voting strategy while keeping the fight alive, as they are just as bad as the Clinton bots.

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