Monday, April 17, 2017

A political theology of the earth

Right up my alley. From Catherine Keller's FB post, some excerpts from this article:

"My current project – a political theology of the earth – solicits the messianic against the sovereign in order to call the so-called people to their power; it privileges a prophetic eco-sociality over a Eusebian hierarachy, imperial or economic; it supports local movements of planetary resistance to the new merger of capitalism with white male authoritarianism.

"It does not read the earth as sovereign subject but rather as live nexus of entanglements in which the political must at long last begin making itself at home, in the oikos that is now under apocalyptic siege. The time is short. But here we stand –I am thinking here of Standing Rock today just as much as the Luther quintecentennial—in the materiality of our relations, and demanding for all earth-dwellers the oikonomics of economic justice and the oikumene of a religio-cultural pluralism. Calculable impossibility is no excuse; rather it may mark the apokalypsis, the dis/closure, of the possible. It is the incalculable opening, Benjamin’s 'narrow door.' To an unbounded breadth."

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