Sunday, April 2, 2017

Let's look at capitalism

Continuing the ideas in this post, Richard Wolff asks us to explore what's beneath Twamp and Bannon. The latter are just the symptoms of a much larger, systematic problem with capitalism itself. His conclusion:

"Resistance has quickly become the watchword of an impressive opposition to the Trump-Bannon government and its fascist potential. However, the lessons of capitalism's dysfunctional politics will have gone unlearned if opposition remains at the level of resisting this particular administration. Exchanging the Trump-Bannon regime for a return to 'normal' capitalism returns us to precisely the system that produced Trump and Bannon. An adequate politics now requires that political parties endorsing capitalism be supplemented and challenged by those that do not. We need a political debate and contest between those who think capitalism is the best that human society can achieve and those who think we can do better. The continuing, one-sided politics of the Cold War, in which criticism of capitalism has been equated with treason, could then be overcome. We could finally welcome a more balanced contestation among political movements -- one that includes genuinely different views on capitalism as a system. We could open our minds to the system's problems, and start to create alternatives."

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