Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Senator Warren on the Gorsuch Supreme Corp nomination

Warren for President in 2010! As usual, she is right on. Gorsuch doesn't have the Senate votes to avoid a filibuster so are contemplation the nuclear option of changing Senate rules so that it will strictly a majority vote. And all this while the Twamp campaign is under an FBI counter-intelligence investigation that could lead to indictments which could go all the way to the Supreme Corp. So Twamp gets to stack the court with someone who will vindicate him? So why not wait to nominate anyone for this august position until the investigation is completed? Warren then proceeds to enumerate all the legitimate reasons to oppose Gorsuch even if none of that scandal were happening. And there are plenty. See the clip for details. Bottom line: Twamp nominated someone who will further enrich the fetid, slimy Swamp, not drain it.

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